The pandemic has brought many challenges—but also many opportunities for those who are equipped and ready to seize them. In order to not only survive but truly thrive in the current market, financial advisors and accountants need to arm themselves with the knowledge, skills, and tools that will make them the most relevant advisor to their clients.

What you will get from this virtual conference

  • ​​Powerful presentations from successful advisors, CPAs, and business experts.
  • Panel discussions  designed to dive deeper into the most important issues. 
  • Access to systems, best practices, and people who can help you build strong professional alliances. 
  • ​Insights on how to build a more powerful, resilient, and relevant business. 
  • ​Tips to create more connection and value for high net worth clients. 
  • ​Tools to drive your development as a leader and to scale your client acquisition activities. 
Early bird pricing (while seats last)…
• Advisor 3-Day pass $195
(11/4 – 11/6, 8am – 12pm PST)

• Accountant 1-Day pass $95
(11/6, 8am – 12pm PST)
*100% Money Back Guarantee*

Early bird pricing (while seats last)…
Advisor 3-Day pass $195 (11/4 – 11/6, 8am – 12pm PST)
Accountant 1-Day pass $95 (11/6, 8am – 12pm PST)
*100% Money Back Guarantee*

What it will help you become
What it will help you become

The Elite Growth Academy is designed to not only help you become a better advisor or accountant, but also a better leader and business owner. With the knowledge and tools you gain from this event, you will be equipped to build a truly remarkable business that can scale rapidly and sustain long term growth. Most importantly, you will become a business leader capable of developing rewarding professional alliances and an elite 21st century practice. 
DAY 1 - Advisors
DAY 1 - Advisors
Day 1 is packed with powerful sessions designed to help you grow your practice and transform from advisor to CEO. 

Here is what you'll learn on Day 1:

• How to sharpen your marketing message and cut through the noise
• Taking the guess work out of winning more ideal clients
• The secrets to creating quantum growth
• The key to a great annual marketing plan
• Understanding and developing the CEO mindset

Bill Cates
Radical Relevance
Jon Kuttin
Secrets From a Barron's Top 100 Advisor
Shennandoah Connor
Marketing in the 21st Century
Jared Cohen
The Journey From Advisor to Business Owner
Jena Wilson
Master of Ceremonies
DAY 2 - Advisors
DAY 2 - Advisors
Day 2 is focused on helping you develop a truly unique value proposition by understanding how to communicate and deliver what your ideal clients want…and so much more! 

Here is what you'll learn on Day 2:

• Why building a repeatable process is critical to scaling your business
• How to work with a virtual family office to increase value
• The roll of technology and the future of advising  
• How to grow your business through mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures

Chris Shuba
Taking Emotions Out of Investments
Michael Bennett
The Importance of Offering Estate Planning
Jonathan Manela
Inorganic Growth Strategies
Randy Fox
What Wealthy Clients Really Want
Successful Advisor Panel Discussion
DAY 3 - Advisors & Accountants
DAY 3 - Advisors & Accountants
Day 3 is about creating powerful teams and professional alliances. We bring together advisors and accountants to help build 21st century practices designed to meet the complex needs of high net worth clients. 

Here is what you'll learn on Day 3:

• Why the key to your success is harnessing the power of self-awareness
• How digital employees increase accuracy, instantly scale, and enable a 24 x 7 workflow
• The keys to transforming from 20th century accountant to 21st century advisor
• Why advisors and accountants have such a hard time actually working together (and how to address it)

Wilton White
Are You Maximizing Digital Employees?
Paul Latham
Becoming The Most Relevant Professional
Ray Kelly
Five Levels of Leadership
Anton Anderson
Quicker Alone, Further Together
Successful Advisor & Accountant Partnership 
Panel Discussion

“I love what you guys are doing. 
Keep up the great work!" 
–Ronald Baker, Author of six best-selling books,
including Measure What Matters to Customers and Firm of the Future
"You've hit the nail on the head! This is a great opportunity for CPAs, and I look forward to working with you."
–Salim Omar, Author of The Ultimate CPA Practice in the New Economy
"Its been a massive evolution for me and my career."

- Marilyn Prevoir, Financial Advisor
"I would say that for every accountant that's considering this, it's hugely, hugely important."

- Amy Grego, CPA
"It's definitely helped identify incredible opportunities. I'm really excited."

- Jeff Golbois, CPA
"Well worth it! The event focused on ways to actually work better with my clients rather than just the technical codes."

- Jacob Lincoln, CPA
"If you’re an advisor or accountant that’s serious about thriving in the 21st century, you absolutely must attend the Elite Growth Academy!"

- Stephen Burgess, Financial Advisor

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